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Mission & Vision Statements


At Public School 78, Stapleton Lighthouse Community School, we are committed to providing a meaningful and equitable educational experience to ALL students.  We believe in working collaboratively to create rich experiences for our entire school community.  In everything we do, we will show we CARE by focusing on these core values:  


     Collaboration Achievement  Respect Effort


Public School 78 is a community that embraces the values, diversity, and uniqueness of every individual.  We strive to be a culturally responsive school community. We actively seek to understand, address, and dismantle the systems and structures that serve as barriers for our community. We will continuously work to deepen our understanding of the challenges by engaging in courageous conversations about race, equity, and social justice.  We will reimagine and refine our curriculum to standardize multicultural voices and perspectives, and we will employ pedagogical practices that speak to the various needs of our young people. We will maintain high expectations for all students, and we will work assiduously to ensure that they have the skills and confidence to thrive. 

If school leaders create structures/opportunities/conditions for teachers to engage in collaborative inquiry to advance learner agency THEN teachers will personalize instruction at all levels of rigor (surface-deep-transfer) so students are self-empowered to create quality relationships, take initiative, critically think, and take ownership of their learning: academically, socially and emotionally.